We are pathfinders, passionate about creating safe spaces, advancing parity, representation, and linear development in sports through education, innovation, media, storytelling and technology.

where sports intersects with life

What We Do

We provide a framework that supports the safety and growth of a diverse community in sports. This cuts across creatives, athletes and media with a bias for Africa. We believe in an equal and diverse opportunity for everyone regardless of their background.

Our Focus

Our community is our focus. We build for people. Our approach recognises diversity, appreciates similarities and honours the uniqueness of the sports ecosystem. We create a linear sense of purpose that allows for the use sports as a tool to provide safety and forge meaningful connections.

Why We Do It 

Sports has a fundamental effect on individuals and communities. It is a tool that allows for exploration of identity through its language and expressions. It provides a peak into communities and how they intersect with sports.

We are a collective of curious and passionate change changemakers. We share a love for and support sports that represents everyone at all levels.

How We Do It

We leverage storytelling, education and technological media to drive parity, communication, deliver social change, advance development , increase revenue and ecological growth. We are a community of pathfinders, united by our appreciation for the sustaining benefits of communities. Because sports intersects with our lives, we share a love for and support sports that represents everyone at all levels.

Our Drive

People are at the heart of what we do and who we are. We are driven by the desire to  create consistent knowledge based impact through the preservation of traditional and digital sports communities. We want to sustain our community with values like respect, accountability, transparency and justice in an environment that fosters curiousity, creativity, diversity, access, safety and inclusion.

We want a system that is valuable and viable for investment and socio-economic growth. We invest in promoting trust, authenticity, dignity, sportsmanship and adaptability.

We invest in community, we invest in systems and tool. 

In a world where sports often mirror life’s complexities, Sport Salon stands out as a sanctuary. Our principles aren’t merely words; they are the driving forces behind every stride we take towards a brighter, more inclusive sports ecosystem.